Thursday, November 6, 2008

The last post in this blog

It's now been a year since I started with this hobby in Nowember 07 I bought my first few packs of oldglory 15s, here are some assorted pics of diffrent things I 've done.

My very first figs, not was work of art but it was very fun.

some 28mm Perry AWI figs, I orderd a BIG order from them, about 450 figs, cost my probebly £500
This is one of the last batch of figs I've done.
Old guard AB figs
Even tho I had no planes of moving away from the horse and musket era, I ended up doing WW2 stuff, and even modern.
I also enjoyed alot to takes pictures of my work and playing around in photoshop.
Well looking back I've had alot fun, and I think I will continue to have fun.
the total tally is around 1100 figs panited in 12 months, some bad, and some ok, I found out that modern and WW2 is alot easier to paint then horse and musket, I aslo found out that 40mm wasn't my cup of tea, I treid it, for a napoleonic skrimsh game, but after about 50 figs I found I would rather paint 28mm. I found out that I like both 28mm and 15mm, I first painted up 350 15mm Britsh, and got tired of 15mm, and for a long time I only painted 28mm, I've now got abit bored wih it, and now I'm back to 15mm.
How much money I've spent in one year is hard to say, with terrain and figs, probebly well over $3000 but it was worth it.
I allready have another purchase next month that's going to cost over $1000.
Well thats it for this blog, I have another called Apartment of war. That I'm going to continue on,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to 15

After a long break from 15mm I decided to tackle my 300 French I have. After 5 days this is what I got, remember they are WIP, I just glued them to some cork for the pics, I'm going to go over them and check if I've missed stuff before they go over to their propper bases. I know I've forgoten a couple facings ect.

This is Berlier's Brigade, with Two battalions from the 25th Legere and two from 27th linge

I did the Legere in all blue, I know that it's probebly not that historic, but I realy wanted them to stand out from the linge battalions.

So those are my not so beautiful 15mm French, I still have another 150 figs to paint

Friday, July 18, 2008

Some Hedges, WW2 airborne and dip shade

I got some great looking Hedges from Terra Firma, so I thought they would fit well as background for some Boltaction US airborne that I tried out the armypainter dip shade.
I first tried the strong tone, but I found it to dark but still got some good resaults by wiping most of it off with some papper, the others I used the soft tone, it worked alot better, only had to dip once then shake it of, no need to wipe it of. I'm sure I could get better looking figs by highlighting and shading the old fashon way with inks, but I havn't gotten the hang of it yet.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Second part, with two close up

This is a close up of the 5th Maryland Regiment, as even a line regiment on the american side should realy never be uniform all the way though I've added a single soldier in hunting shirt.

And here's the First Mayland regiment, again not to make it look to completly uniform I added a guy in civilian closes, this time in shirt sleves, as it's a southern battle, it seemed right.
But not having been in N-Carolina in March I can't say how warm it would be

Perry AWI

I've started on my big project now, The battle of Guilford Courthouse.
Both the American and Britsh Armies aswell as the Battlefield.
And here are the first pics.

A Unit that will be become the 5th Maryland Coninental Regiment

Here they are joined by the 1st Mayland Regiment

Ready to recive them is the 23rd Regiment of foot, AKA the Royal Welch Fusiliers and a 3pdr butterfly gun

Same pic with Photoshoping

More pics to come, later today

Monday, May 26, 2008

A little Story

A rilfe squad from the 82nd moves agaisnt a small Italian village
The new NCO moves to far ahead and gets a sniper bullet to the head
The squad moves to rescue him, when a mg opens up on them
Two more airborne fall They pull back with the wounded to regroup
They put down some mg fire
While another squad tries a flanking manouver

I the meantime a bazooka unit takes out the halftrack before it can move and do damige

The flanking unit is on the other side side ready to charge

Sergeant Jonny and Corporal Hank takes out a german

The Sarge throughs a Grenade at the German Mg

Just as another squad charges up the main road the grenade goes off, taking both the mg and the sniper in the window with it.

Corporal Hank takes out two more germans

They take the town, but is that all of it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

1st Divsion at Salamanca Finished

Fermor's Brigade
1st Coldsteam Guards
1/3rd Guards

Wheatley's Brigade
24th Warwickshire
42nd Highlanders
58th Rutlandshire
79th Highlanders

Lowe's Brigade
1st KGL
2nd KGL
5th KGL

It has taken me 5 months to do but CAMBELL -1st Division at Salamanca is finished.
the reason it took so long was that I bought stuff half assed, at the start I had no ide were I was going with the stuff, so most of those 5 months were just spent waiting for figs to come.
I'm now waiting for money so I kan buy a french divsion to fight against the redcoats.