Monday, May 26, 2008

A little Story

A rilfe squad from the 82nd moves agaisnt a small Italian village
The new NCO moves to far ahead and gets a sniper bullet to the head
The squad moves to rescue him, when a mg opens up on them
Two more airborne fall They pull back with the wounded to regroup
They put down some mg fire
While another squad tries a flanking manouver

I the meantime a bazooka unit takes out the halftrack before it can move and do damige

The flanking unit is on the other side side ready to charge

Sergeant Jonny and Corporal Hank takes out a german

The Sarge throughs a Grenade at the German Mg

Just as another squad charges up the main road the grenade goes off, taking both the mg and the sniper in the window with it.

Corporal Hank takes out two more germans

They take the town, but is that all of it?