Saturday, March 22, 2008

Evolution of Bases

This is Kinda a replay of some of the other post, but I just wanted to show how my bases have evolved

This is my very first base, all 24 on the same shoebox cardboard.

When I read my rules I said that you should base you soldiers on company size bases everywere from 3 to 8 pr. company. As I do brits the ended up on 4 man pr. base, this is ofcourse still just a shoebox thing.

Here I finnaly got some real bases, they are for flames of war but that was all the store had. they look better then cardboard but they do look somewhat naked.

Oh look, they got grass, my most basic "finished" bases. just glue and grass, they are very simple compeard to my later ones.

I got some sand from gamesworkshop, the sand is kinda to big for 15mm but that's what I got. I did give some grass here and here.

And this is what my bases look like now. I can't take any credit for this, as this is a standard way of making bases. The recipe is litko bases, GW sand, painted with brown, then drybrushed with light brown and finaly glued some grass on them.
They are by noe means art but look quite more professional then cardboard.

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