Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finishing up my British Divsion, and what to do next

I'm now into my fourth month as a wargamer, and have almost finished the Britsh Division at Salamanca. I now only need the 42nd Highlanders AKA the black watch, and the divison is complete.

I also got some warhammer terrain that I had to Macgyver into 15mm scale, not high quality
moding but better then nothing. I also got some Miniature Building Authority buildings anda bridge.

I like making small "dioramas"

Here I tried to make a buring house with smoke, and with the classic cottonball smoke

A close up of my Artillery

But what to do next?
I knew I wanted to do 2 things,
1. 15mm ACW
2. 28mm AWI
But I aloso needed an opposing force for my Brits, so first I decided to do a French Divsion at Salamanca. and this time I wanted to buy all the minis at once and I had a clear path to go, instead of the half assed thing I did with the Brits were I bought a few at a time, and often had alot dead time between the time I finished all my minis and had to wait for more.
But I still wanted to do another time period, and I was realy curious about the 28mm scale so I decied to do that at the same time as I did my French 15mm.
So now I'm waiting for the money to buy about 300 French 15mm and almost 400 28mm American and British, that will become the battle of Guilford courthouse

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Your terrain looks fine for gaming. Everything does.

What to do next?

Research the uniforms and flags for your AWI project. Also continue search for an opponent.

-- Jeff