Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My first 28mm

Today I got my first AWI minis, from the foundry a total of 24 Uniformed militia.

I've painted two and with thiese milita, and you can more or less paint them the way you like.
But I looked at the foundy site for inspiration, some of them you can actualy paint more or less like a uniformed continental solider, and I did this with one of the two I painted today.
I think it will look good if one of two milita have the blue/red jacket of the of the conitnentals.
I also painted one that is more or less the opposite, he hasn't even got shoes, and he has a plane brown jacket with a gray hat.

I'm quite satified with the outcome of the two paint jobs I did today, but I still havn't gotten the hang of the faces. I did try to give them eyebrows and and lips aswell as eyes. but it didn't go all that well, but still better then a faceless face. When it came to the skin I had to mix paints, the flesh colors I have are WAY to light, even I that am as pale as moonlight have more tone then the flesh color. So I mixed some light brown into the flesh color and it became alot better. I alos dybrushed som brow over it to give it a dirty look.

Ah!! the giant american are comming run for your life, must be all that fastfood.

The two I painted today

Edit, did two more today
and took some better pics

the backside


Bluebear Jeff said...

They look fine . . . so how did you like 28s compared to 15s?

-- Jeff

Gunfreak said...

I realy love to Paint them, very easy to paint, but I still havn't gotten the hang of all the dital, I'm working on gettin the hang of shadows ect.