Monday, March 3, 2008

First Few Weeks

Not realy sure why I started this hobby, or more correctly why i didn't start it sooner, in retrospect, this is the perfect hobby for me, I have in the past 5-6 years been prety oppsesed with history, it fast became my favorite subject, and I had a nack for it. my teachers told me that I should consider studieng history at college/university level, I still havn't gotten that far, but it's something I want to do.

Anyway, the reason I didn't start wargaming sooner was probebly that about 10 years ago I started with warhammer 40k, and I wasn't very good at painting the stuff, we were a group that started it, but I have up after a few months, it was just to expencive for a 12 year old, and my painting skills weren't much.

But that was 10 years ago, so I thought I might have gotten more stady in the hands.

So now I had decided to do this hobby, but where to start, i knew I wanted to do Napoleonics as thats my favorite time period, I also wanted to do brits as I'm a anglofile and love the readcoats.

But I didn't have a direction, I first thought I should only buy a few to see if I could paint the damn things.

So I bought 100 Old Glory recoats just to try out. I bought them from battlehonours, and by random events the store closed down for about a week, and it turned out to de a long week, everyday I went to the mailbox to see if anything good and turend up, but I think it was 3 weeks before I got my first 15mm Minis.

Now I had in the timebefore getting the little lead soldiers bought paint and brushes. The paint I bought was the only hobby paint they had, and it was Panduro allmoge, waterbased paint, when I painted warhammer long ago I jused Enamel, and it was a pain to paint with as you had to use terpentine.

Now I had both paint and minis to paint.
I started out with 10 old glory I didn't have any fancy baseing paint so I jused the regular black to base them with, probebly a bit to thick, but better then not baseing them at all.

To the left you can se my very first figure, standing on a Norwegian Krone, to show the size if the figure. Not a great work art, but alot better then I would have thought I could to. I then got hocked on painting the stuff. and in the first week I panited about 100 minis, one day I was just going to try and paint 30 minis in one go, I mangied to do it, but I felt It was to much, and havn't tried that again, it looks like 10 is a good number to do in one day.

This is what I had after one week, I didn't know any better so I justed glued all the minis in groups of 24 on the same "base" or cardboard.

As I said I realy had no ide ide were I was going with this. I just bought more and more minis.
But after some time, I decided to do General de bridge, I also decided to do the first brish Division at Salamanca, I choose this as the gdb site had the full oob for that battle.

I then found out that the bases were divied into companys ranging from 3-8 figs pr. base.
I then just cut the cardboard into companys with 4 figs on each base as I still didn't have any real bases.

And this is how my "army" looked after 3 weeks of beeing a wargamer.


ExtraCrispy said...

Hello Gunfreak:

You've made a really nice start on an army! Wish I'd done as well in my first month.

If you haven't already, you'll find painting and texturing the bases will dramatically improve the look and feel of your army. (I included some sample steel bases with your transport box). Even just painting them an olive green (I stay away from greens like the cloth in your photo) will make them feel more like an army and less like toys.

Keep up the good work!

Bluebear Jeff said...


Welcome to the wonderful worlds of both Wargaming and Blogging.

Napoleonics are not one of my personal areas of interest -- but it is certainly one of the most popular.

It seems to me that you've made a good start . . . and I'm sure that you will enjoy this hobby for a great many years to come.

-- Jeff