Monday, March 3, 2008

The next month, my first bases and the quest for players

Hello again.

After Christmas I got some bases, they were made for Flames of war, but seemed to work ok, for my purpos.

I got some loose grass from games work shop, and started baseing my figures, which at the time I had about 250 of.

This is pre grass,

This is what they look like after the grass, and with some trees, also is my first atempt at making scenery, a small river and a small bridge

these bases were prety primitve, just glue and grass, some time later I got a tub of sand, and I had seen pics of people doing sand with some grass here and there, and they looked great so I tried to do the same thing

This is my first atempt at sand bases, I think they look alot better then simple grass, and I plan to do these from now on
I also invaded my paretns dinigroom, with a game mat, buildings and trees.
I also changed my figures from Old Glory and battle honours to Fantassin, they are slightly bigger, and I find them easier to paint, I also see some improvments in my painting skills, still not award winnig, but better.
Now to one of the bigger problems, living where I do, finding someone that does wargaming is hard enough as everybody into miniaures in Norway do warhammer or warhammer 40k, I did find a small forum for historic miniatures wargameing, but there was two problems, 1, it dosn't look like anybody does Napoleonics, or horse and musket period at all, it looked like they all did ancient or medieval. 2 and the biggest problem, there was someing wrong with the forum, and I couldn't registere there. and I still can't.
Napoleonics in norway is more or less nonexistent, both in wargaming and in the historic sense.
I have found one player, orignaly a Scot that now lives here, but he is on the other side of the country, so probebly not someone I can play with on a regular bases.
Next time I'm going to write about finishing my 1st divsion at salamanca

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Bluebear Jeff said...

First, I think that you are doing great! Your figures, bases and terrain all look good.

Second, remember that the pictures in magazines are often of figures painted for the display case and not actually for gaming. Your painting is perfectly fine for the table top.

Third, as I've mentioned before I'm not into Napoleonics . . . so I can't give you proper links . . . but you might want to join some of the various Napoleonics Yahoo Groups and post inquiries for players in Norway.

There are probably lots of different Yahoo groups (most rule sets have a group) . . . but with luck you might be able to find some players near you.

Finally, if that doesn't work, there is always the old stand-by of painting both sides and then teaching someone else to play.

-- Jeff